Voice Broadcasting Features

User-friendly Interface
Our easy-to-use interface guides you through voice broadcasting campaigns with an intuitive step-by-step approach, allowing you to create voice messaging campaigns in minutes.

Message Personalization
Using voice concatenation, you can insert voice clips to personalize a voice broadcasting campaign or use text-to-speech to merge salutations or other data specific to each recipient.

Distinctive Response-Based Messaging
Customized message delivery based upon the status of the connected call. Affords the ability to deliver an alternate voice broadcasting campaign to answering machines than for a live answer.

List, File and Voice Recording Management
Online storage of up-to-date lists (that are searchable) along with online storage of and access to voice message files.

Caller ID Customization
Alert Solutions enables users to customize their Caller ID for each voice broadcasting campaign they send!

Set start date and time to begin sending voice broadcasting campaigns immediately or at a later date. Reschedule failed voice calls for multiple re-dials at set frequencies.

Hot Key Feature
Alert Solutions’ WebLaunch™ voice broadcasting platform enables call recipients to instantly connect to an assigned person by pressing a key on their touchtone phone. Hot keys can also be used for quick one-question voice surveys.

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