Pharmacies now have the ability to leverage messaging to improve customer loyalty through customized communication plans, reduce abandoned refills and improved efficiency of pharmacy staff.


Failure to fill prescriptions is a serious problem in the United States. Prescriptions not filled represent an obvious loss in sales for the Healthcare industry at an estimated $15 to $20 billion annually, according to The National Pharmaceutical Council. In addition, non-compliance is attributed to increased hospital, nursing home, and doctor visits, and loss of productivity – factors with an annual estimate in excess of $100 billion.

Educating and reminding patients is a proven solution for improving compliance. Alert Solutions’ Prescription Refill Reminder Service will call patients at home to remind them to fill their prescription.

Our alert system offers unsurpassed speed and capacity, giving you the ability to reach thousands of customers within a matter of minutes.

The system is 100% web-based, giving you the ability to deploy a message from any location. Only a telephone or a computer with Internet access is required to send your message.


  • Product Pick-Up Notifications – Ensure that your customers get their medications, and reduce pharmacy no-shows. Your customers receive personalized notifications when prescriptions are ready— and when prescriptions are due to expire.
  • Product Refill Reminders and Inbound IVR – Refill prescriptions automatically according to treatment specifications. Then send reminders according to customer communication preferences.
  • Prescription Compliance – Compliance to prescription directions can also be delivered to patients to assist in proper dosing procedures which will also lead to more accurate refill times.
  • Cross Marketing and Selling – Messaging can be used as a cross-sell tool to enroll in prescription or membership programs and increase retail uptake.


Reduce Abandoned Refills In 2009 abandonment rates hit 6.77% – Avoid additional and unexpected refills due to abandoned prescriptions through automated refill reminders.
Inbound Call Reduction Patients can be notified the moment their prescription is ready to be picked up – reducing inbound inquiries and increasing pharmacy staff efficiency.
Outbound Call Reduction Automated messages with the pharmacist’s voice can replace the manual call maintaining the personal customer touch – allowing pharmacy staff to focus on filling prescriptions.
Interact More Effectively Improve every interaction by allowing customers to decide how they want to be contacted regarding prescriptions and reduce human error through automated reminder messages.


Easy-to-Use Interface Takes only minutes to learn and seconds to use. Quickly and simply account for, communicate with, and coordinate among all personnel.
Message Builder Inserts data fields such as names, dates, times, etc. from a spreadsheet into audio messages to create fully personalized, customized, natural-sounding messages.
Call Scheduling Creates a message and schedules delivery for a future date and time.
Text-to-Speech Converts typed text to an audio file and delivers a natural-sounding voice message.
Multi-Channel Notifications Sends mass notification messages via phone, SMS text and email simultaneously, or choose a preference per message.
Hot Key Transfer Allows call recipients to use a touch-tone response to connect back to a live person.
Routine Message Storage Stores and sends pre-recorded messages to any list of contacts – saves time, eliminates the need to re-record the same messages.
Multi-Language Capabilities Our system instantly translates text-to-text and text-to-speech message into preferred launage of yoru residents and staff.
Caller ID Customization Allows you to select the caller ID your customers will see when your message comes in.
Automatic Retry  Incrementally re-dials busy and no-answer numbers.
Segmentation Allows you to send messages to specific individuals or groups by dividing your contact list into subgroups—up to 99 subgroups.
Two Way Communication Two-way communication allows message recipients to respond to alerts they receive, and have responses tallied in a report.
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