Automated Patient Lab Result Notifications

With Alert Solutions’ patient communication suite, medical offices can easily reach patients to notify them of their lab and test results. Automated lab result notifications are highly secure, prompting each patient to respond to notifications via key press, email or text, all of which are tallied in a detailed report.

Patients also have the option of retrieving their lab result messages through a secure, web-based, Patient Portal or by dialing a toll-free number from any touch-tone phone.

The benefits of sending automated patient lab result notifications include:

  • Increase Your Standard of Care – Keep in touch with patients more frequently without monopolizing office staff time
  • Reduce Inbound Calls – Patients are automatically notified of their results, decreasing inbound inquiries and increasing office staff productivity
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction – Automated messages improve proactive communication, something your patients will appreciate
  • Reduce Communication Expenses – Alleviate your staff from manually calling or mailing test results, eliminating paper, ink and postage costs

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