Automated Appointment Reminder System

Leading healthcare providers agree that automated appointment reminder systems are crucial to increasing practice revenue and reducing patient no-shows – a problem representing the most significant loss of revenue to healthcare providers.

Despite the rise in patient demand and federal incentives via the HITECH Act, most practices still use outdated communication systems. With Alert Solutions’ WebLaunchMD Patient Communication Suite, healthcare providers can send automated appointment reminders using the channels most preferred by patients– email, voice and text messaging.

Automated appointment reminder messages use patient-specific elements and two-way interaction to maximize patient response rates and increase patient engagement. The benefits of sending automated patient appointment reminders include:

  • Reduce Patient No-Shows – Studies show automated appointment reminders drastically reduce no-shows
  • Reduce Patient Communication Expenses – Eliminate manual staff calls and the ink, paper and mailing costs required of postcard reminders
  • Generate More Appointments – Know in advance which appointments have been cancelled, giving your practice more time to fill them
  • Improve Staff Productivity – Free your staff to take on other responsibilities, so they can focus on greeting patients instead of on repetitive and routine calls

Download Alert Solutions’ Automated Appointment Reminder Worksheet today!

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