Appointment Reminder System for Allscripts™ Users

Did you know?? Current estimates presume that missed appointments across the healthcare industry range from 5-7% of all sessions.


Patient communication is a crucial part of your medical practice. With Alert Solutions’ Automated Appointment Reminder System for Allscripts™, users can easily reach patients to send reminders of upcoming appointments without ever leaving their Allscripts™ Professional EHR application.

This frees up valuable staff time and allows for more face-to-face patient interaction. Additional benefits include:

  • Automate appointment reminders from directly within Allscripts™ to help keep the schedule full.
  • Send notifications using voice, a patient-preferred communication method.
  • Utilize real-time reporting to confirm your appointment reminders are delivered.

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Alert Solutions, now an Allscripts™ Partner, provides Allscripts™ Professional EHR users with the ability to send automated appointment reminders to patients from directly within their Allscripts™ application.

Alert Solutions’ seamless integration with Allscripts™ eliminates data syncs, transfers, list exports and uploads.  This cutting edge approach to appointment reminders enables medical practices to send messages using the most accurate and up-to-date patient contact information.

By implementing an effective and automated appointment reminder system  your practice can simplify patient communication significantly.  This will:

  • Reduce Patient No-Shows
  • Increase Patient Engagement
  • Increase Patient Satisfaction
  • Streamline Patient Communication
  • Increase Practice Revenue

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  • Preventing Patient No Shows – Studies show automated appointment reminder systems reduce patient no shows.
  • Increase Medical Practice Revenue – Increase practice revenue through reducing expenses, such as postage and labor with automated notifications.
  • Keep Your Calendar Full – Knowing in advance which patient appointments have been cancelled, gives practices more time to fill them, generating more appointments.
  • Increase Your Standard of Care – Engage with patients more often without monopolizing your office staff time, increasing patient retention.
  • Free Up Valuable Staff Time – Allow your staff to take on other responsibilities and use their time more productively.

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Allscripts PRO Integration  Alert Solutions’ integrated appointment reminder system creates simple and effective patient communication.
Automated Message Delivery Patient appointment reminders are automated from within your Allscripts™ application, eliminating data syncs, transfers, list exports and uploads.
Live Voice Calls Record and send patients automated appointment reminders using an employee’s familiar voice.
Text-to-Speech Voice messages can also be sent by typing in the message.
Caller ID Customization Choose the caller ID you wish for your patients to see when your message is delivered.
Hot Key Press Allow recipients to press a key on their touch-tone phone to confirm an appointment or reschedule.
Personalization Personalize appointment reminders through merging patient data. ‘Phonetic swap’ technology will ensure accurate pronunciation

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