Social Media Integration

Automatically Post School Alerts on Facebook and Twitter

Student families and school community members are increasingly turning to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter as an additional means of getting information about their K-12 school or district.

SwiftK12 now offers a social media integration feature which enables school administrators to post school alerts directly to their school’s Facebook and Twitter social media pages. School administrators can choose whether or not to post each school alert they send to their social media pages.

By keeping your school’s social media pages updated with the latest school alerts and notifications, student families and staff members can rely on Facebook and Twitter as a vital resource. This is an opportunity to build greater engagement with your entire school community and ensure every school alert is being received!

  • Set outgoing school alerts and messages to automatically post to selected social media accounts including Facebook and Twitter.
  • Easily share unexpected school closings, emergency alerts and other information on your school’s social media pages.
  • Improve parent engagement by integrating messages with social media sites.
  • SwiftK12  offers a single-step process for posting school alerts to Facebook and Twitter.

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