Multi-Channel School Notification System

Parent-Preferred Communication Channels

Thousands of K-12 school districts rely on their school notification system to deliver important messages to staff, students, parents  and community members. SwiftK12 utilizes multi-channel communication, allowing school administrators to reach hundreds and thousands of individuals efficiently and reliably through email, voice, SMS text messaging and social media websites including Facebook and Twitter – Learn More About the Mobile App.

From automated daily attendance notifications and low lunch balance alerts to unexpected school closures, parents can feel confident they will receive the school notification through their preferred communication methods.

Each communication channel has distinct benefits, but when used collectively, creates a strong and reliable platform for school notifications.


  • Send emails to student families in both HTML and text formats.
  • View sample proofs that are delivered to you before sending.
  • Track deliverability and open rates through online, downloadable reports.
  • Store email stationary for future use and added convenience.
  • Multi-Language Text-to-Text translates messages between the sender and receiver.


  • Record voice alerts using our toll-free number or text-to-speech tool.
  • Multi-Language text-to-speech translates messages from the sender to the receiver.
  • Send voice alerts immediately or schedule for a future broadcast date.

SMS Text Messaging

  • SMS text messages are sent to cell phone distribution lists truly supported by cellular networks.
  • Track deliverability and other statistics through detailed online reporting.
  • Easily create and launch messages using the web portal or SwiftK12 Mobile App.

Social Media Integration

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