Alert Solutions can be used for a multitude of purposes including emergency alerts, weather-related school closings, absence verification and more


Alert Solutions’ K-12 Notification API offers an advanced platform for messaging students’ parents and guardians. Designed for school administrators, the K-12 Notification API allows administrators to communicate with student families and staff by phone, SMS text message and email.

From unexpected school closures to cancelled class trips and absence verifications, you can easily reach hundreds or even thousands of parents, grandparents, guardians and babysitters simply by making one phone call or using our simple online interface.

The K-12 Notification API requires no hardware or software and one low per-student fee includes unlimited messaging across all 3 channels: voice, SMS text messaging and email.

Our easy-to-use platform offers the ability to create multiple group lists, schedule messages in advance and include attachments to emails as well as sending professional looking e-newsletters.

Schools that use a notification system have reported reduced truancy, better parent engagement and more transparency between staff and student families.


How fast can you reach your parents and staff in the event of an emergency? How do you reach out to parents to get them involved or keep them informed of their child’s absences? Alert Solutions’ K-12 API can reach every parent and staff member in your school or district immediately via email, voice and SMS text messaging. Relay accurate information instantly via telephone directly from your school’s administration with just one phone call.

  • School Cancellations
  • Attendance Notifications
  • Weather-Related Delays
  • Early Dismissals
  • Emergency Alert
  • Flu notices / health warnings / disease outbreaks
  • PTA/PTO meeting reminders
  • Policy reminders
  • Schedule changes
  • Meeting notifications
  • Missing child alerts
  • Bus delays / routing changes
  • Sports and extra-curricular activity notices
  • Field trip updates
  • Fundraising initiatives



The benefits of using Alert Solutions extend beyond communication and

  • Improve emergency response times and coordination efforts
  • Reduce risk of miscommunication with consistent messages
  • Meet mass communication challenges of any size and scale
  • Reach thousands in minutes from anywhere, any time
  • Web-based service means no additional charges
  • Free up key personnel and reduce risk of error
  • Automate time-intensive, error-prone manual processes
  • Use multi-language technology to automatically translate the messages
  • Save time and keep information accurate and up-to-date with our SIS integration system


Three Communication Channels K-12 Notification API offers school administrators the ability to communicate with student families and staff via email, voice and SMS text message.
SIS Integration K-12 Notification API integrates with your Student Information System. Schools and districts can either choose to log-in to the School Portal, or send a message directly from their SIS – affording users the ability to send a message using the most accurate and up-to-date contact information.
Multi-Language Capabilities The user will type the message into the system in English and the school portal will automatically translate the message per the ‘language spoke at home’ field from the Student Information System.
Emergency QuickLaunch The Emergency QuickLaunch allows the speedy delivery of a text-based Email, Voice (Text to speech) and SMS to all contacts via all contact methods simultaneously.
Permission-Base Log-Ins K-12 Notification API supports permission-based role hierarchies. User permissions can be configured so all administrators can send district-wide messages if desired or only view contacts from their particular school or grade level.
Parent Portal Fully hosted, web-based, password protected Parent Portal allowing parents the opportunity to manage and update their own contact information and determine which phone number or email address should be contacted depending upon the type of communication being received.
Caller ID Customization Allows you to select the caller ID your recipients will see when your message is delivered.
Automatic Retry  Incrementally re-dials busy and no-answer numbers.
Segmentation Allows you to send messages to specific individuals or groups by dividing your contact list into subgroups.
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