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Send an alert via voice, email and SMS text to your entire campus community in seconds with Alert Solutions’ Campus Alert API


Alert Solutions’ Campus Alert System is a web-based emergency notification system that enables college and university administrators to send emergency alerts from one easy-to-use interface. Requiring no software or hardware, our unified emergency alert system enables you to communicate with your entire campus community in minutes via those communication channels most popular with students: SMS text messaging, Email, Voice and Desktop Alerts.

From any location, you can deploy concise, time sensitive messaging that will help contain rumors, restore and manage campus safety, as well as keep the community informed with pertinent information.

Did you know that more than 90% of college students have cell phones? Today’s reality: if you’re not reaching students cell phones, you’re not reaching them. Whether students are in class, eating in the student union, relaxing in the dorms, or somewhere in transit, Campus Alert’squick and reliable emergency notification system will deliver your message.

With Campus Alert, campus security at colleges and universities have the power to help increase the level of safety on and surrounding campus, enhance campus communications with the community and keep your campus informed while conveying assurance and authority.


This is an ideal campus alert system for colleges and universities that need to communicate swiftly and effectively to all employees, students, volunteers, partners, first responders, media and others. Uses and applications for Campus Alert  include:

  • Emergencies, Recent Outbreaks & Incidents – Campus Alert enables administrators to send the latest, most accurate information to the entire campus population within minutes and avoid states of uncertainty.
  • Class Cancellations, Delays & Schedule Changes – Alert students, parents and faculty and members of the professional staff of general notifications such as class cancellations, facility closures and recommencement.
  • Inclement Weather & Natural Disasters – Quickly and efficiently inform your campus the campus population of unforeseen incidents in or around your campus environment such as severe weather, floods, earthquakes, and much more.
  • Campus Evacuations – Campus Alert is available to adequately assess the emergency and to communicate across 4 channels to your campus population quickly and accurately.
  • Health Threats – Manage public health emergencies, such as a pandemic flu event by sustaining the latest and most accurate communications with your campus community.



Use a combination of voice, SMS text, email or social media to send campus alerts to ensure optimal deliverability in emergency situations. With school administrators having the ability to send emergency alerts instantly, the benefits of using Campus Alert are endless!

Streamline Your Campus Emergency Communications Campus Alert offers the ability for administrators to communicate via four different communication channels from one platform including SMS, voice, email and desktop alerts.
Superior Protection and Campus Safety Campus Alert is an efficient emergency notification system that makes instant campus communication possible: a critical element of effective crisis management.
Improve Emergency Team Response and Coordination Plan and quickly enact emergency notifications.  Implementing the Campus Alert emergency notification system enables new levels of incident readiness and the ability to send real-time coordinated responses via four channels.
Consistent Concise Emergency Messages Administrators can send out one unified emergency notification which will automatically alert your campus population via 4 channels including SMS text, voice, email and social media.  Include emergency plans, images, report templates and other documentation as message attachments.
Meet Disaster Challenges of Any Size and Scale The Campus Alert emergency notification system is capable of handling simultaneous incidents in multiple locations on your campus facility.  Send clear, consistent campus alerts to students, faculty and members of your professional staff.
Improved Campus Emergency Management Notify and assemble incident response teams quickly using fewer campus resources by automating time-intensive, manual process and enable staff to focus on important crisis management.



SMS Text Message The widespread prevalence of cellular phones offers a means of communicating promptly and effectively to the campus community. Even if only one student in a classroom receives a SMS text message campus alert, he/she can notify an entire classroom of the situation.
Voice Broadcasting Send thousands of voice messages to all contacts on your telephone distribution list instantaneously.  Campus Alert can record voice messages using our toll-free number and following the automated prompts.  Also, you can utilize our text-to-speech application within our online platform and our voice engine will generate speech-based on the text provided.
Email Messaging Our user-friendly online emergency notification platform will enable your professional staff to create and send email messages in both HTML and text formats.  To avoid error-prone messages, as a sender you have the unique capability to sample your proof prior to launching a message.  You can even create and store email templates within the system for future use for those time-intensive emergencies.
Social Media Keep parents, students and staff members informed by leveraging Facebook and Twitter. Alert Solutions enables users to automatically post important information on their social media pages.
Hot Key Transfer Allows call recipients to use a touch-tone response to connect back to a live person.
Multi-Language Capabilities Our system instantly translates text-to-text and text-to-speech message into preferred language of your residents and staff.
Caller ID Customization Allows you to select the caller ID your customers will see when your message comes in.
Automatic Retry Incrementally re-dials busy and no-answer numbers.


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