Emergency Quick Launch Feature for Emergency Alerts

Send Emergency Alerts to Your Entire School Community

School administrators know that an emergency situation could occur at any time. No matter what the instance is, it is imperative to ensure your emergency alerts are being sent to student families and staff quickly and reliably.

SwiftK12’s Quick Alert Feature enables schools administrators to expedite the delivery of their emergency alerts via all communication channels including social media websites like Facebook and Twitter, as well as email, voice and SMS text messaging.

This ensures that your entire school community will be contacted instantly, drastically improving school communication efforts during emergency situations. << Download our Emergency Preparedness Guide >>

  • Create an emergency alert for emergency situations including school evacuations and weather-related school closings.
  • Send emergency alerts to all parents and staff members instantly during these emergency situations.
  • Rapidly deliver emergency alerts via all communication channels (Email, Voice, SMS text, Social Media) simultaneously.
  • Reach hundreds and thousands of staff, student families and school community members in one click from our web portal or SwiftK12 Mobile App.

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