Automated Daily Attendance Alerts

Reduce Truancy and Improve Attendance Rates

Truancy is a serious concern that affects K-12 schools and districts all across the country.

Not only does repeated school absence cause students to lag in their curriculum and reduce standardized test scores, but it increases the propensity for dropping out altogether.  Truancy can also reduce federal funding for schools and tie up the judicial system.

How can educators reduce truancy and get students to class each and every day?  According to several known strategies surrounding the matter, school-community collaboration and increased parent engagement are absolutely vital to increasing daily attendance.

The SwiftK12 school notification system now offers school administrators the ability to automate daily attendance alerts.

Automating attendance alerts:

1. Save Hours of Time for School Staff
2. Increase Attendance Rates and Reduce Truancy
3. Ensure Accurate Reporting
4. Are More Efficient Than Manually Contacting Parents

It is important for parents and school administrators to place a greater emphasis on student attendance.  SwiftK12 can help monitor attendance and keep administrators and parents informed of absences, ultimately reducing truancy.

Download our new School Administrator’s Guide to Reducing Chronic Truancy!

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