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Education Customer Testimonials

Customer TestimonialNew! Amity Regional District #5 – Connecticut
After trying multiple school notification products, Amity Regional District #5 found success with SwiftK12 and it’s seamless integration into PowerSchool. They quickly improved the tedious process of report card distribution!


Customer TestimonialNew! Arapahoe Charter School – North Carolina
Many schools around the country have been faced with pressure to spend less and do more, and Arapahoe Charter School was no exception. By upgrading to the new SwiftK12 system, Arapahoe began saving hours of staff time each day.


Customer TestimonialDecatur Public Schools – Michigan
Over the past two years, Alert Solutions has enabled Decatur Public Schools to eliminate their dependence on paper, ink and postage, resulting in a significant cost savings as well as a reduced staff workload.


Customer TestimonialWeston County School District #1 – Wyoming
Since implementing Alert Solutions nearly 2 years ago, Weston County School District #1 has been able to expand its school communication initiatives dramatically by sending attendance and lunch balance alerts automatically.


Customer TestimonialAssumption High School – Kentucky
By eliminating their dependence on paper, ink and postage with Alert Solutions’ Automated Reports Module, Assumption High School estimates an annual savings of $1,745 on postage alone.

Healthcare Customer Testimonials

Customer TestimonialNew! Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists – Minnesota
Since activating Alert Solutions within their PrimeSUITE application, Adefris & Toppin Women’s Specialists’ patient no-show rate has dipped 10% less than the national average.


Customer Testimonial Medlock Pediatrics – Georgia
Alert Solutions has enabled Medlock Pediatrics to achieve Meaningful Use requirements by giving patients the ability to select their preferred method of communication for recall reminders.


Customer TestimonialBurlington County Orthopaedics – New Jersey
Since activating Alert Solutions within their Allscripts PRO EHR, office staff members went from spending hours each day making reminder calls to just a few minutes following up with cancellations.


Customer TestimonialPlaza Family Care – New Jersey
Because Alert Solutions is fully-automated, Plaza Family Care has been able to make a substantial dent in the practice’s labor costs. Staff members are saving at least 15 hours per week, giving them more time to focus on other tasks.

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