How fast can you reach your parents and staff in the event of an emergency? How do you reach out to parents to get them involved or keep them informed of their child’s absences? Alert Solutions’ K-12 API can reach every parent and staff member in your school or district immediately via email, voice and SMS text messaging. Relay accurate information instantly via telephone directly from your school’s administration with just one phone call.

  • School Cancellations
  • Attendance Notifications
  • Early Dismissals
  • Weather-Related Delays
  • Flu notices / health warnings / disease outbreaks
  • Emergency Alert
  • PTA/PTO meeting reminders
  • Policy reminders
  • Schedule changes
  • Meeting notifications
  • Missing child alerts
  • Bus delays / routing changes
  • Sports and extra-curricular activity notices
  • Field trip updates
  • Fundraising initiatives

Medical Offices

Contacting patients is an important part of your medical practice. It’s also a time-consuming one. With Alert Solutions’ Patient API, you can easily reach patients to schedule appointments, send reminders of upcoming appointments or collect unpaid medical bills.

Higher Education

This is an ideal campus alert system for colleges and universities that need to communicate swiftly and effectively to all employees, students, volunteers, partners, first responders, media and others. Uses and applications for the Campus Alert API include:

  • Emergencies, Recent Outbreaks & Incidents – The Campus Alert API enables administrators to send the latest, most accurate information to the entire campus population within minutes and avoid states of uncertainty.
  • Class Cancellations, Delays & Schedule Changes – Alert students, parents and faculty and members of the professional staff of general notifications such as class cancellations, facility closures and recommencement.
  • Inclement Weather & Natural Disasters – Quickly and efficiently inform your campus the campus population of unforeseen incidents in or around your campus environment such as severe weather, floods, earthquakes, and much more.
  • Campus Evacuations – Campus Announcement is available to adequately assess the emergency and to communicate across 4 channels to your campus population quickly and accurately.
  • Health Threats – Manage public health emergencies, such as a pandemic flu event by sustaining the latest and most accurate communications with your campus community.


  • Product Pick-Up Notifications – Ensure that your customers get their medications, and reduce pharmacy no-shows. Your customers receive personalized notifications when prescriptions are ready— and when prescriptions are due to expire.
  • Product Refill Reminders and Inbound IVR – Refill prescriptions automatically according to treatment specifications. Then send reminders according to customer communication preferences.
  • Prescription Compliance – Compliance to prescription directions can also be delivered to patients to assist in proper dosing procedures which will also lead to more accurate refill times.
  • Cross Marketing and Selling – Messaging can be used as a cross-sell tool to enroll in prescription or membership programs and increase retail uptake

Commercial Property

  • Managing Work Schedules of Employees – Fill vacancies in staff schedules
  • Emergency Response Management – Coordinate Staff in real time and Broadcast emergency alerts
  • Important Date Reminders – Remind tenants about lease renewal deadlines, office hours and holiday schedules, and seasonal changes that affect the property.
  • Routine Maintenance Notifications – Coordinate maintenance and grounds crews and give your tenants a heads-up planned and unplanned maintenance and repairs, planned outages, and snow removal updates.
  • Payment Reminders – Automate past-due reminders where recipients can press a key to be connected back to a billing office to make payments

Residential Property

  • Emergencies – Severe weather warnings, evacuation notices, security warnings, police actions
  • Operational Issues – Facility closures, alarm tests, maintenance, planned outages, snow removal updates
  • Rent & Fee Notices – Automate past-due reminders where recipients can press a key to be connected back to a billing office to make payments
  • Event Reminders – Social events, classes; recipients can respond press a key to confirm attendance


From substation operations to proactive customer communications, Alert Solution allows rapid communication with your staff and the communities they serve. Alert Solution’s Utility API enables you to communicate quickly and efficiently by automating your notification procedures. This, coupled with the ability to reach field response teams, employees, and customers via three communication channels including email, voice and SMS text messaging is paramount.

  • Quickly communicate with customers during unplanned outages
  • Inform customers of scheduled maintenance or outages
  • Send personalized payment reminders automatically
  • Connect recipients directly with billing to make payments
  • Welcome new customers with personalized messages
  • Survey customers following a customer service or technician interaction
  • Confirm appointments


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