Alert Solutions Joins Greenway Online Marketplace with Certified API Solution for Patient Communication

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Alert Solutions, a leading provider of cloud-based multi-channel messaging technology, today announced its Patient Communication Suite has joined the Greenway Medical Technologies Online Marketplace as a certified API solution for users of Greenway’s PrimeSUITE platform.

As a Marketplace certified API solution, Alert Solutions’ Patient Communication Suite has been proven to deliver value-added interoperability with the Greenway PrimeSUITE electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution, supporting providers in delivering high-quality, cost-effective care.

For more than 20 years, Alert Solutions has provided integrated communication solutions to clients in the healthcare industry.  By integrating with PrimeSUITE, Alert Solutions enables Greenway users to send automated appointment reminders to patients using email, voice and SMS text messaging. Tailoring communication based on patient preferences, Alert Solutions uses real-time contact information every time a message is sent, improving staff productivity, generating more appointments and strengthening the quality of patient care.

“Membership in the Greenway Marketplace with our certified Patient Communication Suite showcases our expertise in breakthrough healthcare IT solutions and demonstrates our interoperability to Greenway customers,” said Dave Baeder, CEO of Alert Solutions. “The healthcare industry continually faces the challenge of patient no-shows, a problem representing the most significant loss of revenue to healthcare providers. Our automated appointment reminder solution is crucial to helping medical practices reduce no-show rates, improve patient engagement and increase practice revenue.”

“The Greenway Marketplace API Certification program was developed to foster collaboration and speed and simplify the adoption of innovation, helping our customers easily evaluate and select integrated products that add value to their PrimeSUITE solution,” said Jared Linsenby, Greenway vice president of business development.  “We’re pleased to partner with Alert Solutions for mutual promotion of their Patient Communication Suite through the Marketplace to our customers who seek the interoperability and functionality that’s essential to successfully navigating the future of healthcare.”


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