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Alert Solutions provides dynamic cloud-based multi-channel messaging technology and communication solutions for customers in K-12 education, leveraging its robust platform of email, voice broadcasting, fax and SMS text messaging.

With more than 30 years of experience, the company continually expands its technology to provide effective and easy-to-implement communication solutions for organizations across all industries. Alert Solutions’ powerful API web services integrate into any existing software or web-based platform.

From one-to-one transactional messaging to mass alerts, Alert Solutions ensures email, voice and sms text communications are transmitted efficiently and securely, enabling organizations to relay important information to their audiences.

Alert Solutions was acquired by SwiftReach in 2016. SwiftReach is the only emergency and mass notification provider that physically owns and operates a complete telephony network, the SwiftReach Notification Delivery Network (SwiftReach NDN™).

In December 2018, Alert Solutions and SwiftReach were acquired by Rave Mobile Safety. Rave Mobile Safety is a leading provider of critical communication and data platforms trusted to help save lives.

This acquisition will provide customers with wide-ranging capabilities and unmatched infrastructure to ensure optimal communications under the most demanding circumstances. The combined company will serve nearly 5,000 customers across state and local public safety agencies, K-12 education and healthcare organizations, utilities, and a wide spectrum of corporate clients.

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